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Sarah~Bella's Story!

What Readers are saying...


The book 'Sarah~bella...Same but unique!' is about an ASD and ADHD child. Almost immediately you are drawn into her story. Her self-discovery, learning self-control, her strengths and talents; allows the reader to experience the truths of being diagnosed with ASD and ADHD; her feelings and frustrations of not being understood.
Simple language, easy to read, this book will inspire atypical children to persue their dreams. A must have for parents who have special-gifted kids like Sarah.


I am so impressed by the common sense and straightforwardness of this young author, she's amazing .There are so many books out there on autism but very few that actually give you answers .Anyone struggling to understand autism will be grateful for this book, it's an opportunity to glimpse inside another person's experience. I loved reading 'Same but unique' and saw it as very helpful. Autism is something that isn't talked about enough because people don't have enough knowledge but reading this book can be a first step into understanding which is vital. This book should be read by everyone and I wish i could give it more stars. I remember the first time i picked up saying I would just read the first couple of lines, next thing I know I'm at the end wishing there was more.
Cannot recommend this book enough!!! I look forward to more from this author!


I love how Sarah uses her story to encourage others that may be like her that they are unique and special. Sarah is a very talented artist and I love how she has expressed herself in this book and her website through her creativity. I think that this book would be a very encouraging read for any parent or person who is on the spectrum. It absolutely imparts the sense that though you may have to go about life differently, it's still a beautiful and rewarding journey. Looking forward to seeing all that Sarah accomplishes in life.


SarahBella's story touched my heart. I read it with my kids and it was a wonderful.. beautiful..experience...the story..the illustrations..everything was so SO beautiful.
It is one of those books that you think of all day after reading just once..and feel like going back and flipping through the pages a beautiful song that you love humming all day.
I would highly HIGHLY recommend the book - no matter what age group you are.